Small Plates

Shadow of the Oak

Toasted sourdough, roasted garlic, crispy prosciutto, over easy egg, chili crunch, micro onion,  fresh grated Manchego



Squash, potato, tomato, cauliflower, house made garam masala, basmati rice



 Ghost of Tsushima

House made alkaline noodles, green onion, egg, pork soboro, house broth


The Royal Mile

Alberta beef & bacon Cornish pasty with potato, turnip, onion, brown butter & sage

Served with ginger & turmeric pickle


Spirited Away

Sticky rice, nori, cabbage soboro, sesame



The Daughters of Aegir

House made sesame bagel, caper soft cheese, house smoked salmon, pickled cucumber, dill & lemon infused olive oil, spring onion


The Kanto Region

Thin sliced Brant Lake Wagyu and fried egg over a bed of basmati rice, topped with spring onion, sesame, soy, & chili crunch 


While The Ocean Blooms

Five freshly shucked Malpeque oysters on a bed of ice, served with mignonette, and fresh lemon




Godspeed, Little Taters

Triple cooked fries, sea salt and ketchup 



Pallet Town

Cucumber noodles with sesame,

 mirin, and soy



The Mountain and The Viper

Crispy fried potato with chorizo and bacon, 

port infused sea salt, sundried tomato aioli, and microgreens


Large Plates

Top of the Class

Tellicherry peppercorn crusted Brant Lake Wagyu, served with confit vegetables, parsley rainbow carrots, roasted garlic, parsnip and carrot purée, and a cognac, sherry, & cream sauce

Served with your choice of two sides 



Big Fish

Gluten-free battered haddock, crushed, minted peas, tartar sauce, triple cooked fries and ketchup 



Honor Hǿnir

A specially selected, seasonal offering of cured meats, house smoked salmon, cheeses, house fermented pickles, preserves, bread and handmade crackers

For 2 – 36 / For 4 – 71 / For 6 – 106

Tibetan Plateau

House made alkaline noodles tossed in a Sichuan peppercorn sauce, with crispy fried tofu, julienne cucumber, cabbage soboro, sesame, red peppers, pickled chilis

Served with your choice of side



(Please indicate which spice level you prefer)

🌶 / 🌶 🌶 / 🌶 🌶 🌶

All Hands on Deck

Two Alberta beef smash patties, lettuce, tomato, red onion, house fermented mustard, house mayo & pickle

Served with your choice of side

(Available GF)



Venetian Speedboat 

Coconut milk panna cotta, clarified acidulated strawberry syrup, macadamia nut crust, pineapple paper, lavender dust



Somber Majesty

House made sticky toffee pudding, smoky pineapple caramel, coconut sorbet, lime zest cream, crunchy toffee


Our Commitment 

We pledge to do our part to help reduce the amount of food that is wasted each year in Canada, and to source ingredients from Alberta’s wealth of amazing local purveyors & producers.

We curate our recipes carefully, in order to ensure that together, our bar and kitchen programs can utilize ingredients in their entirety to help us reduce our impact on the planet, while proudly supporting our local economy.

Thank you for supporting us in this mission.

Please notify a member of our staff if you have any questions, food allergies or intolerances.