Small Plates

Something to Prove

Red fife mini loaves, hay smoked butter, rosemary sea salt


Quay to Success

Smoked haddock, leek and bacon risotto, poached duck egg, potato nest, spiced lobster oil, leek ash and microgreens


Warming Decadence 

Mixed mushrooms, sage and truffle sauce, hand rolled pasta, baby kale, burnt leek, crispy onions.



Under the Eiffel 

Beef tartare, shallots, gherkins and capers, smoked black garlic aioli, cured smoked duck yolk, red fife toast

(available GF)


Accommodating Altitude

Half spatchcock cornish game hen, petit pois, tarragon and mushroom sauce, maple carrot, smoked onion puree (GF) 


Agriculture in Harmony

Sweetcorn duo, wood roasted squash, lima bean puree, deep fried chickpeas, crispy seeds, smoked black garlic puree, mushroom salt. 

(VG, GF) 


Texan Triple Nine

 Cola and red wine braised cajun beef blade, 

mushrooms, hand rolled pasta, fresh herbs  


Same Old Faces

Triple cooked fries, ketchup, rosemary sea salt 

(V, GF, VG)


Large Plates

Top of the Class

8 oz Alberta wagyu top sirloin, smoked chipotle sweet potato, carrots, garlic mushrooms, sage and truffle sauce.

Served with fries and salad.



Day Boat Landings

Chef’s fish special, crafted with world-wide inspiration and local ingredients. 

(ask your server about allergens) 

Silver Wings

A whole spatchcock cornish game hen, petit pois, tarragon and mushroom sauce, maple carrot, 

smoked onion puree

Served with fries and salad 



Honour Honir

A specially selected mixed board of cured meats, 

house cured salmon, award winning cheeses, 

homemade pickles and preserves, and a selection of in-house made crackers and bread

For 2 – 35

For 4 – 70

For 6 – 105

All Hands on Deck

Fresh Alberta beef patties, balsamic red onion jam, Canadian brie, lettuce, tomato, 

lemon and garlic aioli 



Ostara’s Tribute

Cherry sponge, mixed berries, rosehip chantilly cream, coffee chocolate soil, chocolate twigs, meringue mushrooms, pine sugar snow, cherries, mint. 


Sharing is Caring

Spiced apple cast iron crumble, rolled oats, salted caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream. 

(for 2) 


First Frost

Maple pear and blackberry crème brûlée, spiced shortbread, chocolate twigs, fall leaves, pine sugar.



Vecchio Amaro Del Capo 

mint, anise, licorice

Fernet Branca

peppermint, chamomile, licorice, citrus

Amaro Averna

orange, licorice, juniper, sage


Our Commitment 

At Occam’s Razor, we pledge to do our part to help reduce the amount of food that is wasted each year in Canada, and to source what ingredients we can from Alberta’s wealth of amazing local producers.

We carefully curate our recipes in order to ensure that the bar and kitchen programs can work together to utilize our ingredients in their entirety, a step in the right direction to help reduce our impact on the planet, while proudly supporting our local economy.

Thank you for supporting us in this mission.

Please notify a member of our staff if you have any questions, food allergies or intolerances.