Small Plates

Yeast of Your Concerns

Smoked garlic and thyme focaccia. 

Served with herb olive oil or hay smoked butter.


Barnyard Nestings

Lemon, spinach and asparagus risotto, crispy duck egg, pea shoots and micro kale, red basil, mustard frills.  

(V, GF)


Hillside Swine

Pork and apple ravioli, wholegrain mustard cream sauce, shaved truffles, crispy potatoes.


Under the Eiffel 

Beef tartare, smoked Confit duck egg yolk, mustard aioli, capers, gherkins, fresh herbs, baguette toast

(available GF)


Scales & Tails

Cold salmon tartare, spiced lobster oil, celeriac remoulade, potato crisps, red mustard frills. 



Happy Landings

  Spatchcock half cornish game hen, smoked tomato and chorizo ragu, spinach and herb oil



Homestead Picnic

Carefully selected mixture of vegetables and cookery methods, Dill and garlic oil, focaccia croutons. 

(V, VG, available GF)


Gills and Grills

Breaded oyster mushrooms, whipped sweet potato, charred broccolini, salsa roja, smoked black garlic. 

(VG, GF)


Texan Triple Nine

 Cola and red wine braised cajun beef blade, 

oyster mushrooms, hand rolled pasta, fresh herbs  


Same Old Faces

Triple cooked fries, ketchup, rosemary sea salt 

(V) (GF) (VG)


Large Plates

Top of the Class

8 oz wagyu top sirloin, rosemary polenta, garlic oyster mushrooms, asparagus, chimichurri, fries and salad.



Suay Aroi

Banana leaf roasted salmon, coconut rice, green curry sauce, blistered peppers, microgreens. 



International to Domestic

 Whole Cornish game hen, smoked tomato and chorizo ragu, spinach and herb oil, with salad and fries 



Honour Honir

A specially selected mixed board of cured meats, 

house cured salmon, award winning cheeses, 

homemade pickles and preserves, and a selection of crackers and bread

For 2 – 32

For 4 – 64

For 6 – 96

All Hands on Deck

Fresh Alberta beef patties, balsamic red onion jam, Canadian brie, lettuce, tomato, 

lemon and garlic aioli, served with triple cooked pub chips



Sandy Shores

Spiced Coconut panna cotta, granola, mango and pineapple, vanilla sand.


All Crashing Down

Coffee and dark chocolate brownie, tempered white chocolate, caramelised white chocolate and miso ice cream, hedgerow berry sauce 



Meadow Strolls

Strawberry mille feuille, blackberry and rosemary, wheatgrass chantilly cream, lemon curd, garden meadows, bee pollen. 



Vecchio Amaro Del Capo 

mint, anise, licorice

Fernet Branca

peppermint, chamomile, licorice, citrus

Amaro Averna

orange, licorice, juniper, sage


Our Commitment 

At Occam’s Razor, we pledge to do our part to help reduce the amount of food that is wasted each year in Canada, and to source what ingredients we can from Alberta’s wealth of amazing local producers.

We carefully curate our recipes in order to ensure that the bar and kitchen programs can work together to utilize our ingredients in their entirety, a step in the right direction to help reduce our impact on the planet, while proudly supporting our local economy.

Thank you for supporting us in this mission.

Please notify a member of our staff if you have any questions, food allergies or intolerances.